The Advantages of Server-Based Gaming

Server-based gaming (SBG) seems to be all the rage these days. Actually, Custom Game Design (CGD) has been doing server-based gaming since 2001. Before then, CGD president David Hampe acted as a consultant for Class II and Washington state compact gaming systems; both of which employ SBG. After the introduction of SBG in these new markets, the advantages of SBG became apparent for the more traditional casino markets. However the current infrastructure and costs associated with Class III SBG have made it impractical until recently.

What are these advantages of server-based gaming? There are really quite a few:

  1. SBG games are downloadable. There is no need to change EPROMs ever again. Your game floor can be dynamically optimized for peak demand. All downloaded files are encrypted and signed with a digital certificate. The game terminal is disabled if the digital signature verification fails.
  2. SBG games are configurable. Not only can the games on the floor be changed in real-time, but so can the percentage payouts, denominations, and wager levels. Even the volume of a single game terminal or the whole floor can be adjusted.
  3. SBG allows real-time monitoring of accounting and game terminal status. Anyone with appropriate credentials can access any management terminal to view up to the minute game play, accounting reports, and game terminal status. An unauthorized game terminal door opening, a jammed bill acceptor, or paper low in a printer is instantly known. All authorized access to a game terminal is logged and reported with the employee name and actions as they occur.
  4. There is higher security with an SBG system. The RNG and game logic takes place at the server instead of at the game terminals.
  5. The game terminal environment can be personalized to a player's taste.
  6. Games can be personalized for holidays, conventions, and other special occasions.

The above list just touches on the advantages of SBG. Once the game terminals are linked to a server the possibilities are endless. Server-based gaming will continue to improve the casino experience for the operator and the player.

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